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Property Survey Example or Property Boundary Survey Example by AZ Land Surveying

 Property Survey Example or Property Boundary Survey Example by AZ Land Surveying

If you click on the picture, you will find a PDF file of a Record of Survey drawing or map that represents a property boundary survey performed and recorded by AZ Land Surveying. Because we found all of the monuments for the property we were surveying, the survey itself was very routine. However, an error in a nearby survey monument caused us a lot of concern.

We were not obligated to clarify the error. Even though it cost us an additional trip and over three times the amount of time projected for the project, we felt it was our professional duty to clarify and record the problem in order to prevent any additional errors.

While conducting the property boundary survey, a major problem was discovered in the northeast corner of Section 1. Information about the Sections has been provided below.

The original northeast corner of Section 1, and the remainder of the Sections in this township, were set by the US government between 1914 and 1915. In 1985 a private land surveyor was conducting a survey which required the use of the monument at the northeast corner of Section 1. Unfortunately, it was missing. That land surveyor used the proper procedures for restoring the location of the original monument the northeast corner. However, the monument he found and used to the west was ten feet west of the monument he was supposed to use. Based on the way it was calculated, it put six feet of error in the location. As can be seen in my survey, there were numerous existing monuments in a subdivision that was created in 1971 that the land surveyor could have used, and should have used, to clarify the problem. Additionally, that subdivision map depicts the monument used in error by that land surveyor.

Because of the error, at least one lot was mis-surveyed in the subdivision. Also, some new properties were created by dividing larger ones, including the one by the surveyor setting the inaccurate monument, that relied on an incorrect location. Now any following land surveyor needs to be aware of which monument location is accurate for the property survey he is retracing.

Section Corner Information

In Arizona Territory, the US Government had arranged a grid of 36 square mile Townships, 6 miles wide by 6 miles long, across all of Arizona. Each square mile is called a Section and numbered from 1 to 36. The base point for the grid was originally located in 1851. A large number of townships were surveyed before 1912 when Arizona became a state. Every half-mile, along each Section line, a survey monument was placed. Originally stones with markings chiseled on them were used. This monument in particular represented the northeast corner of Section 1, of Township 1 North, Range 6 West.

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